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Faculty of Electrical Engineering was established by the decree of the Provisional Organizational Committee dated on 24 May 1945. This Faculty was next to the Faculty of Metallurgy (instead of this Faculty finally the Faculty of Chemistry was established), the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Engineering and Construction one of the first four faculties of the Silesian University of Technology. Ceremonial first inauguration of the academic year was held in the auditorium at Strzody 21 on 29th October 1945. At the University began studying 2,750 listeners. Faculty of Electrical Engineering consisted during this period of 12 departments, in which have taught 45 teachers. The study program was based upon the program of the Lviv Technical University. From this University in 1946 came to Gliwice many prewar professors and lecturers to start learning on the newly created Department. The professors of the first years of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering were among the eminent specialists in the field of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering, such as Prof. Stanislaw Fryze (from the Department of Electrical Engineering), Prof. Zygmunt Gogolewski (from the Department of Electrical Equipment) and Prof. Edward Niwiński (from the Department of Electrical Measurements).

During the first academic year classes were held in the converted buildings at Strzody and Moniuszko streets. At the end of 1945 the municipal authorities provided the Silesian University of Technology the prewar Gymnasium building, in which during the war was the first German and then Soviet military hospital. In autumn 1946 adapted and renovated building became the seat of the Department and still remains one of the Department buildings complex. In 1948 in the Department of Electrical Engineering a uniform for all electrical departments in Poland two-stage curriculum was introduced.

In 1951 on the engineering studies were two directions of teaching (then called branches): energy and telecommunications. In contrast the graduate studies conducted only the “energy” branch. Since 1954 the Scientific Papers of the Silesian University of Technology were issued. The first publication within the series was Electricity No. 1, containing the article by Professor Fryze. In 1961 a new Department of Automatic Control was established, which since December 30, 1963 became independent and the first in Poland, Faculty of Automatic Control (now the Department of Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science). The first academic staff of this department were professors from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

In 1963 a new building of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering was built at Krzywoustego 2. It was attached to the Faculty of Mining. In September 1963 a part of departments and the Dean office were moved to the new building. In 1969, as a result of the reorganization of the structure of the University, the existing units were combined in four large departments. In 1971 the Minister of Education and Higher Education abolished the departments and established institutes: the Institute of Power Systems and Control, Institute of Metrology and Electrical Engineering, and Institute for Fundamental Electrical Engineering and Power Electronics. In 1979 was completed the construction of a building of the Department of Electrical Machines, financed largely through collaboration with industry and the Union of Machinery Industry and Electrical Apparatus. The building has been connected to the first seat of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and had modern and spacious laboratory commonly known as the “Hall of Machines”.

Since the early nineties started the process of adapting curricula to the European standards. In 1994 began its activity the Ph.D. study and in 1995 next to the current direction Electrical Engineering a new one - Electronics and Telecommunications has been created. In 2005 the part-time studies on electrical engineering were started. There is also a willingness to carry out the studies on Electronics and Telecommunications and Electrical Engineering entirely in English. Since 2008 started full-time studies on Computer Science (in Gliwice and Rybnik) and Mechatronics (Gliwice). Since 2011 started the studies on a second degree on Mechatronics in full-time and part-time mode. In the academic year 2013/2014 new direction with a specialization in Energy – "Prosumer Energy" has been initiated.