Sunday, 23.02.2020 - Week: (E)ven
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QuarterlyIssue 1(145)

Scientific Committee



  1. Tadeusz KACZOREK: Normal positive linear systems and electrical circuits
  2. Jakub ŹREBIEC, Adam PIŁAT: Identification of electromotive force in BLDC drive
  3. Adam STECKIEWICZ, Bogusław BUTRYŁO: Analysis of magnetic properties of thin-layer materials with conductive periodic structure
  4. Katarzyna NOWAK, Kamil PADUSZYŃSKI: Analysis of factors and hazards associated with electric shock
  5. Ovidiu IVANOV, Mihai GAVRILAS, Calin-Viorel SFINTES, Marian DUMITRACHE: A software tool for electricity market trade price analysis
  6. Nicusor Constantin TOMA, Mihai GAVRILAS, Bogdan Constantin NEAGU: Application of smart metering systems for energy losses assessment and forecasting in distribution systems
  7. Krzysztof SZTYMELSKI: A similar comparison with simulations actual PV on-grid installations with a power of 2 kW
  8. Rafał SETLAK: Battery capacity selecting Algorithm for stationary energy storage system
  9. Marcin FICE: Analysis and parametric discription of electric loads active power profiles
  10. Kamil MIŚLIWIEC, Bożena WIECZOREK: Graph Colouring Algorithms
  11. Norbert LITWIŃCZUK, Maciej SADOWSKI: Software for analysis and presentation of the resonance amplifier dynamic characteristic